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Shop our new range of everyday jewelry pieces, fit for any occasion. 

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Fashion & Jewelry Designer

Our jewelry collection

At Selisa, we like to stand out, to be bold and unique, but we also like simplicity and elegance.  
Discover our original handmade jewelry made with love by our designer.
Each piece perfectly blends the African and Asian traditions with European modernity, producing stunning jewelry that anyone can wear. 
Each collection is inspired by the designer's many cultures, European, African and Asian, by her travels and everyday life.

Looking for an everyday piece, a statement piece to stand out at an event, or simply a discreet piece to go to work, you can find it all at Selisa.

It's modern, It's bold, it's empowering


Your jewelry introduces you before you even speak.

Our mission

Our goal is to create beautiful designs that make you feel like your most confident self and to inspire you to pursue your dreams and ambitions.

Mademoiselle Caurie

Step up your style with a gorgeous pair of elegant, handmade Mademoiselle Caurie earrings. 

La Donna

Our Donna earrings are  beautiful pieces that adds a subtle hint of style and elegance to every woman's wardrobe. 

Dutch Selection

This collection is inspired by the magnificent Delftware.
The designer wanted to share a part of her dutch culture through this collection. 

Timeless Creole

Elevate your outfit with Selisa beaded hoops earrings. 
We have them in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are easy to style with any look. 

Don’t Wait for Special Occasion to Wear Nice Jewellery, Every Day Is a Special Occasion.

Must have looks 

Your everyday jewelry is just one click away.


Good things come in small packages, especially when it's jewelry.


We deliver at your door. 

Free NL shipping from €65. 

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